About Socom Media

Socom Media provides marketing and technology solutions to the retail market. Our goal is to provide effective digital solutions to those small and medium sized businesses that have traditionally found it difficult to engage the online world.

Socom Media has origins that go back almost 30 years when Jeanne Brightman brought her experience in retail hardware marketing, at the wholesale level, to Norwich, NY. Here she joined a seasoned print and publishing company and used her knowledge to grow and develop one of the largest circular production companies in the United States. Under her leadership this company went on to produce millions of advertising circulars each year for retailers in the hardware, pet, lawn & garden, lumber and building material industries.

As with all print related industries, opportunities for growth have become dependent on the increasing needs and demands of advanced technology. Seeing this need and the opportunity to expand her ideas in the area of New Media, Ms. Brightman formed a new company, Socom Media. This technology driven company has brought together the skills of an experienced staff of IT, software development, graphic design and marketing professionals dedicated to meeting the New Media needs of retailers all around the country.

Our Products

  • Swelby

    Swelby is a social commerce platform that enables small business to build a profile for their business that can be viewed at Swelby.com. The platform offers the opportunity to manage promotional content which is then organized, sorted and then presented to consumers throughout Swelby.com and Swelby Mobile Apps. Unlike Yelp, YP or Facebook, the focus of the Swelby system is to aggregate content for local communities and build a true shop local strategy for all.

  • New Media Retailer

    New Media Retailer built its success on customer service. The NMR platform is a content system that allows our staff to generate websites, email marketing and social media marketing content for our customers in a full-service, completely managed environment with a dedicated staff of customer service representatives. We work through major corporations including True Value, Purina Mills and Agway to assist their members in building a powerful, fully branded online presence for their business.


We believe that the Internet is a powerful force that continues to shape our everyday lives. However, through consolidation and other market forces, access to the online community is restricted to those with vast budgets or those with the time and know-how. These resources are simply non-existent for small businesses. We solve that problem.

Our products focus on effective strategies that bring the power of the Internet to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price point. Our emphasis on service means that no one is left to fend for themselves. Left to discover what works online, and what doesn't. The experience of working with our team fills the gap between small business and truly reaching out to their customers.

While our reach is national and our business continues to grow, we hold fast to our service-oriented tradition. Customer service makes all the difference and we continue to strive for excellence in bringing the best possible products to our customers.


We are always on the lookout for dedicated individuals that care about developing superior products and providing excellent service to our customers. We are always looking to hire in four fields specifically.

Sales: We build our business through relationships, telemarketing and the strengths of our staff. Communicating our product vision starts with a competent and knowledgeable sales staff that can lead potential customers to understand the benefits of our products. If you think you might be ready to build our customer base, please send us a resume.

Customer Service: Our business doesn't run without customer service. It is the keystone our business is built on and our reps understand how important it is to make our customers successful. Successful candidates must have strong computer skills, the ability to learn a wide array of marketing concepts and systems and a desire to serve our customers with top notch relationship management.

Developers: There is simply a shortage of good LAMP developers out there and we need more all the time. Successful candidates must understand MVC, OOP, LAMP Environments, Front-end development including Javascript/jQuery and learn complex code bases - can you say reenigne esrever. If you think this might be you, please send us a resume with code samples!

Designers: UIs don't build themselves and effective tools require effective designers comfortable with the Adobe CS Suite, UI design, web design and brand management. UI design and brand management are always our highest priorities. While developers are great at making things work, they often stink at making things workable. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge... Got the chops? Send us a resume with online samples.

If you are interested in applying with Socom Media, please send all resumes to careers@socommedia.com. Please be sure to include links to samples, etc where necessary!

Socom Media | 104 Tara Green Lane | Norwich, NY 13815 | (607)337-3031